Flathead fishing Comp

Begin: May 4, 2024

The Flathead Challenge

4th – 5th May 2024

This fishing competition is open to all anglers that are booked into camp at Buxton Bush Camp on the 3rd and 4th of May 2024

Venue: Buxton Bush Camp

Cost: $30 per Senior angler. $10 per junior angler. Juniors who pay the $30 entry fee are eligible for senior prizes and excluded from Junior prizes. Entry doesn’t inc camp fees

Species: Flathead – Catch and Release, based on a brag mat photo only.

Entries & Briefing: All entries must be received by Friday 3rd May 2024, Briefing at Buxton Bush Camp 5pm Friday the 3rd of May 2024.

More Info: Danny 0418797532 Glenn-


1stLongest Dusky Flathead – Caught using Lure$400 cash
Longest Dusky Flathead — Caught using Bait$400 cash
2ndLongest Dusky Flathead – Caught using Lure$150 cash
Longest Dusky Flathead – Caught using Bait$150 cash
Individual Longest bag of 5 Dusky Flathead*#$150 cash
Ladies Individual Longest bag of 5 Dusky
$150 cash
Secret Length Seniors x 2Each $50

* Must have 3 fish to be eligible for the bag of 5 Dusky Flathead*

#The longest bag shall exclude any Dusky Flathead which has won a major prize category

Please note: An angler may win only one prize for an individual fish and a maximum of two prizes
inclusive of the longest bag and secret length.
1stLongest Dusky Flathead (lure or bait)$25 cash
2ndLongest Dusky Flathead (lure or bait)$20 cash
Secret Length Juniors x 2$10 cash
All Anglers
Lucky Angler Prize

Buxton Bush Camp Flathead RULES

Fishing Times

Fishing is allowed between 5.30am and 8.00 pm
on Saturday 4th May 2024, and between 5.30am
and 2.pm on Sunday, 5th of May 2024.

Anglers may only fish between these times on
each day of the competition. Night fishing is not
allowed. Fish caught outside these hours and
after dark will not be accepted.

All capture record sheets and photos must be at
the Camp Bar, fully completed, no later than 3
on Sunday 5th May 2024

Fishing Methods

Fish may be caught by lure or bait.

When bait fishing, it is recommended to use
circle hooks only.

Official Measuring Station

The stage area at Buxton Bush Camp is the
official fish measurement station. All competitors
must have entered their fish length on their record
sheet and have photographs available 3.pm on
Sunday 4th May 2024 to be eligible for prizes.

Fish Measurement

Prizes are based on the length of the flathead
measured from the tip of the nose to the end of
the tail and photographed on a Buxton Bush
Camp Drag mat & tape measure (Available at the
Club $10).

Each photo must also include the token that
will be provided at registration.
And where
possible, the photo must also show the lure or
circle hook in situ.

The photo shall be presented by entrants from
their mobile phone or iPad as a jpeg image.

Photos presented without a token showing
will not be accepted.

Attendance at the Tournament Briefing

Tournament briefings will be held on Friday 3rd
May 2024, at the bar. Around 5 pm

Attendance at the tournament briefing is required
by all adult entrants unless prior arrangements
have been made to obtain event rules and
capture tokens. Junior entrants will also receive a

It is essential that all senior and junior entrants
receive their numbered token and display their
token in photographs of captured fish.


The Weigh Masters will judge using the digital
photo image provided.
The Weigh Masters adjudication will be final.
In the event of a tie the first fish caught will be
the winner (as per time of photograph).

Fishing Etiquette

Entrants must respect the space of other boats
whilst fishing. Skippers are asked to keep at 40
meters unless invited closer. Boats in disregard of
this requirement may face disqualification from
the event.


The presentation will be held at Buxton Bush
Camp 5pm on Sunday 5th May 2024

There will be a Lucky Angler Prize. Will be
announced on Saturday the 4th of May 2024 at the stage area, Live Music is provided.

  • Anglers must be present to claim the Lucky
    Angler prize.
  • Additional prizes may be awarded at the
    discretion of the Competition Judge
  • Sausage Sizzle at Presentation


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Angler’s Name
Entry Fee
Juniors have $10 entry for junior prizes only or can pay adult entry fee of $30 to participate in
senior categories only. They may not compete in both.
Junior = under 16 years at 1 July 2024
Junior Name
Date of Birth
Entry Fee
Please enter full age of child by 1st July 2024

Billing Information

Credit Card*


As an entrant, I will ensure that all fishing practices are in accordance with the current Qld Fisheries regulations. I understand that the decisions of the Buxton Bush Camp Judges are final in any disputes. I will indemnify Buxton Bush Camp and all its volunteers and sponsors in the event of any loss or injury suffered in conjunction with this event. I further understand that all insurance is my own responsibility.
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